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Lowrance X67C Ice Machine

Lowrance X67 Ice Machine

Lowrance X67 Ice Machine

The all new, brilliant 256 color Lowrance X67 Ice Machine fish finder system is so complete and versatile, its revolutionizing ice fishing!

This is a complete ice fishing package and comes complete with

carrying bag,

battery well with batter tie-downs,

rechargeable battery,

battery charger,

swingout transducer bracket and more!

Lowrance X67 Ice Machine Color Fishfinder Features:

  • High-bright 3.5" (8.9cm) diagonal 256-color
  • 1/4 VGA active matrix TFT transflective LCD that optimizes cold climate performance
  • Impressive 320×240 (h x w) pixel resolution
  • White LED backlighting for the screen and keypad in night or low-light viewing
  • Exclusive, water-repellent, softpack nylon bag with sure-grip handle, dual zippers, and rubberized non-stick base – fits conveniently in a 5-gallon pail
  • Built-in, molded tray with battery tie-downs
  • 12 volt, 7-amp rechargeable, sealed battery and battery charger both included
  • Swing-out, ice hole transducer bracket
  • Space-saving case design with adjustable tilt, quick-mount/release convenience
  • Depth penetration to 600 feet (183 m)
  • True 800 watts peak-to-peak transmit power
  • Exclusive new full-screen and split-zoom color LCD flasher display with COLORLINE™
  • Battery Status Indicator displays continuous readouts of battery life
  • FishReveal™ feature exposes fish targets hidden in cover
  • HyperScroll™ displays fish targets at higher boat speeds
  • Advanced Signal Processing (ASP™) for clearest pictures
  • Selective on/off Advanced Fish Symbol I.D.™
  • Selective on/off FishTrack™
  • Shallow/Deep/Fish alarms
  • Special 200 kHz bullet shaped transducer produces up to 60° of coverage area using high
  • Also accepts other Lowrance transducer options for versatile, all-season portable fishfinding
  • Optional Skimmer transducers allow for operation up to 70 mph (61 kts)

What are fisherman saying about the Lowrance X67 Ice Machine?

“I love mine it has great definitions. the display is crystal clear. I used to have an eagle Optima and I loved it but I must say once you go color you will never want to go back. The only problem I have had with this model was that I bent a pin on the first one I bought so you half to be careful when you hook the graft to the power connectors.”

“I can’t say enough about the X67c, I’ve used it last ice season, and the built in flasher mode is cool. I bought a transducer with a tite-lok and used it this past softwater season, and it has performed well. ”

“I like to drill about 20 holes around the areas I believe are holding crappies, then go from hole to hole with my Lowrance X67C Ice Machine until I spot fish.

Among its numerous features, the Ice Machine provides 800 watts of peak-to-peak power, full-screen and split-zoom color display and a Fish Reveal feature that exposes fish hidden in cover.

In other words, there is no doubt when I’ve located fish and I can then get about the business of attempting to catch them.”
John Kolinski (2002 Professional Walleye Trail Angler of the Year)

“I have used both units and I can say that hands down if you are looking for ONE unit for both winter and summer fishing the Lowrance is head and shoulders above the others.

If you already have a summer specific unit in a boat then the Vexilar comes into play. I have noticed that the ice machine scrolling screen gives a person a sense of what is happening with the fish over time (about the last ten seconds). I usually fish with my brother in law who has an FL-18 I have not had any problems with interference.”
tim brubakken

Buy Lowrance X67 Ice Machine

Lowrance X67 Ice Machine

Lowrance X67 Ice Machine


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